Monk by Five – TMcCD 012

On this CD you can enjoy five most prominent Swedish musicians performing music composed by Thelonious Monk – one of jazz history’s most original pianists and composers. If they have taken any liberties with Monk’s music it is more in relation to forms for improvisation over his themes rather than with


Comes Love…. – TMcCD 011

In this CD we are presented with a collection of American standards interpreted by a singer who is a firm believer in the charm (and importance) of the lyric. Agneta Baumann chooses to sing only those songs with which she has developed an emotional affinity and a genuinely deep feeling for


Fine Together – TMcCD 010

Following the success of his first album for Touché Music: “Cry Me A River” (TMcCD 005) tenor saxophonist Anders Lindskog teams up with two of the finest musicians from Denmark – guitarist Jacob Fischer and bassist Jesper Lundgaard. All the music was recorded in Copenhagen and it can be said without


Back From Where We Came – TMcCD 009

The double-bass player Kjell Jansson, an established jazz musician from the west coast of Sweden, demonstrates convincingly here that he is also a prolific and talented composer. Kjell, together with his colleagues Åke Johansson (p), Gilbert Holmström (ts), and Leroy Lowe (dr), and on one track Gunnar Lindgren (ts), play a


Sketches of Roses – TMcCD 008

Pianist Elise Einarsdotter and the double-bass player Olle Steinholtz perform both solo and duo in an inspired selection of their own, as well as of others compositions, such as “Nardis”, “Falling Grace”, You Must Believe in Spring” and “In Your Own Sweet Way”. Each meet the challenge of playing solo superbly,


Tango in Jazz – TMcCD 007

Towards the end of the nineteenth century two very significant forms of “folk music” began to take form and emerge, both on the same continent but separated geographically and socially. One was the tango music of Argentina and the other was the jazz music of the United States. Both began in


A Time For Love – TMcCD 006

After an absence of nearly ten years from the scene, singer Agneta Baumann makes a welcome come-back. This is a musical self-portrait of artistic stature which is at the same time an open personal statement, as revealing as though the words were spoken in confidence. She presents such standards as “More


Cry me a River – TMcCD 005

CRY ME A RIVER (TMcCD 005) Anders Lindskog has been one of the most distinguished tenor saxophone players in Scandinavia since the 1960’s, playing with a fresh sense of rhythm, fine phrasing and a curiosity for new ideas when improvising. Åke Johansson’s Trio, a trio of world class, gives him perfectly


Close – TMcCD 004

The female singer Lina Nyberg interprets the music of, amongst others, Dave Brubeck, The Beatles, and Monk in her own very personal way. Together with the sometimes aggressive, sometimes reserved, piano playing of Esbjörn Svensson, Lina becomes a brave young creator of ballads. It is easy to say that a musician


Day Dream – TMcCD 003

Day Dream. Gustavo Bergalli (t), Knud Jørgensen (p) and Bengt Hanson (b) create chamber jazz with ballads such as “What´s New”, “My Ideal” and “Old Folks”. The smooth, easy tempos provide room for thoughtful group interplay, giving a real feeling of intimacy. This music was recorded live on two late summer