Open Here – TMcCD 032

On “Open Here” three of Gothenburg’s most noted jazz musicians, Anders Kjellberg, Göran Klinghagen and Staffan Svensson join together under Kjellberg’s leadership to create trio music of a very unusual character. The combination of drums, guitar and trumpet (using electronics) produce fascinating sound pictures and interpret original compositions as well as


Dedications – TMcCD 031

This CD “Dedications” featuring guitarists Max Schultz and Erik Söderlind is intended as a tribute to many of the world’s finest guitar players and is a perfect example of guitar duo playing where everything falls into place. On some tracks the duo are joined by Fredrik Jonsson, bass, and René Martinez,


Delightness – TMcCD 030

Whether alto saxophonist Amanda Sedgwick is leading her own Quartet or arranging for her Septet, “Delightness”, she proves what an adventurous mind she has. In her extremely gifted fellow musicians she knows what each of them is capable of and she provides all the musical stimulation that can bring out the


Hymne à l’amour – TMcCD 029

The legendary French chanteuse Édith Piaf performed in her lifetime a string of songs that became well known all over the world. Here, interpreting them in their own very special way, pianist Elise Einarsdotter and bassist Olle Steinholtz lovingly explore the treasures of the “Èdith Piaf Song Book”. Elise has written


A Remark You Made – Memories Of Joe Zawinul – TMcCD 028

Jonas Knutsson Quartet pays tribute to the legendary keyboard virtuoso Joe Zawinul (1932–2007) with ten of his compositions. Nine are taken from the Weather Report era, the group he co-led with saxophonist Wayne Shorter for 15 years, during which time they defined the future of funk, fusion and jazz-rock for a


Max Schultz plays Coltrane – TMcCD 027

Guitarist Max Schultz, together with three of his equally outstanding colleagues specially chosen for this production, pays tribute to one of his greatest inspirations, John Coltrane. The repertoire consists of ten compositions that Coltrane wrote and recorded for Atlantic and Impulse from 1959 until 1965, plus two originals by Max. I


Miles By Five – TMcCD 026

Following Monk By Five and Mingus By Five, the group who gave us those albums now turns its attention to the music of Miles Davis, covering compositions from his first album as leader in 1948, through the years of his most influential albums of the ’50s, up until the late ’60s.


Bassments – TMcCD 025

Following up their innovative album “Two Basses”, Jesper Lundgaard and Mads Vinding continue to move forward with their amazing combination of imagination and technique. The sum of their four strings once again provide a broad spectrum of sound in an album dedicated to many of their sources of inspiration both past


Jesper Lundgaard Trio plays Cornelis – TMcCD 024

Jesper Lundgaard has for many years held an international reputation as a world-class bassplayer. For his trio he has chosen two Danish colleagues, Hans Ulrik and Niklas Knudsen who share similar musical outlooks and have outstanding versatility. With Jesper playing acoustic and electric bass, Hans on tenor and baritone saxophone and


Who Are You? – TMcCD 023

Many have eagerly awaited the release of the first solo CD by singer LINDA PETTERSSON. Touché music have great pleasure in presenting her now in the solo spotlight. Supporting her is a group of four outstanding musicians: Ulf Adåker, trumpet; Anders Persson, piano, Christian Spering, bass and Jonas Holgersson, drums. As