Terje Sundby – drums

Although born in Sweden, Terje Sundby’s heritage is from Norway. He was brought up and educated in Gothenburg where he studied drums, ensemble and composition at the College of Music.

Since the late ‘80s he has played with a large number of groups of all constellations with styles ranging from jazz through fusion, Latin, folk to ethno. He is also a composer whose music has been recorded by different groups on several CDs.

To the many well-established Swedish musicians with whom he has been associated can be added such international names as Tomasz Stanko, Lew Soloff, Don Menza, Urszula Dudziac and others.

Since 2002 Terje Sundby has been leading his own group “Ynde”. In addition to playing and composing Terje is also a teacher at the music conservatories in Ingesund, Sweden and Aalborg, Denmark, as well as giving many guest clinics and workshops.